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Haicheng Xingfa Freeze - Technical Connotation for Strategic Advantages

Haicheng Xingfa Freeze - Technical Connotation for Strategic Advantages

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2016/07/28 14:40
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Watershed standard ------freezing, refrigerating and acid discharging
Haicheng Xingfa Freezing In the production of frozen meat, quick freezing and cold storage are two very important links. In order to ensure the fresh meat quality and nutrients of mutton, chicken, beef and other products, the manufacturer must reduce the product to the specified temperature index within the specified time. Because during the freezing process, the slow cooling rate causes the cells to seep through the cell membrane and the remaining solution in the cell becomes thicker, causing the cell wall to shrink and collapse, causing partial destruction of the cells and loss of water droplets during thawing. When the standard cooling rate is reached, the tissue inside and outside the cell will form ice crystals of the same volume, and after thawing, it will not cause cell damage and loss of nutrients.
Currently, the internationally recognized standard refrigeration temperature is -18oC. Some experts pointed out that the most important criterion for measuring the quality of frozen food in a country or a market is the refrigerated temperature recognized by large cold storage. From the perspective of enterprise production, the quick freezing and refrigerating capacity of the main cold storage is directly related to the production capacity of the entire cold chain system of the enterprise. Therefore, in order to expand the production capacity of the frozen meat production enterprises, it is necessary to first improve the capacity of the frozen products per unit time and the large-scale constant temperature. The turnover capacity of the cold storage. Due to the differences in size, shape, thermal properties and temperature of the freezing medium in actual production, the specific differences in freezing time of different products are formed. To solve this critical aspect, it is necessary to develop and design a scientific, rigorous, and internationally compliant refrigerated temperature for each specific product.
In addition, "acid discharge" is also an important concept and process that cannot be ignored, especially in the production of high-grade lamb and beef, which is a kind of meat advocated by modern meat and nutrition. Mature craftsmanship. The specific requirement is that the acid is strictly controlled between 0-4oC and the relative humidity is 90%, and the meat is placed for 8-24 hours, so that the carcass of the animal after slaughter is rapidly cooled, so that the enzyme plays a role. Decompose some proteins into amino acids. At the same time, meat is made safer, softer, more delicate and more delicious by emptying blood and body fluids weighing 18-20%.