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Haicheng Xingfa Freezing - Aohan Banner to build a leading industrialized enterprise

Haicheng Xingfa Freezing - Aohan Banner to build a leading industrialized enterprise

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2016/07/21 14:39
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Aohan Banner insists on attracting investment to build a leading enterprise in animal husbandry industrialization. In the past four years, it has introduced 450 million yuan to build 15 large-scale industrialized leading enterprises in key industries such as cattle, sheep, chicken, pigs and grass, which strongly promoted With the rapid development of animal husbandry industrialization, leading enterprises have continuously improved their own strengths, while the ability of animal products processing, new product research and development, and radiation-driven farmers have gradually increased, which has promoted the income of farmers and herdsmen. The industrialization of animal husbandry has become a new bright spot in economic construction.
Aohan Banner is a “global 500 best” eco-environment. High-quality pasture, foliage, straw and other resources have cultivated green livestock products. Aohan Banner gives full play to this advantage and actively promotes it to attract merchants. The main leaders of the flag team have always used investment promotion as a key measure to accelerate the development of animal husbandry. The Banner Animal Husbandry Bureau puts investment promotion at the prominent position of the work, and screens the project for reward and investment. The functional departments such as animal husbandry, development and reform, and investment promotion have organized groups to promote livestock projects in key areas, contact merchants, and negotiate projects. Vigorously optimize the environment, improve administrative efficiency and improve service quality. Make full use of all propaganda media such as newspapers, television, and the Internet to publicize the livestock resources and preferential policies of Shuhan. A series of effective measures have promoted the investment promotion of animal husbandry. One leading enterprises have settled in Shuhan, forming a new pattern driven by a leading enterprise in each industry.
The meat and mutton cattle industry has introduced Inner Mongolia Zhonghao Food Co., Ltd., which was jointly invested by Tianjin Zhonghao Animal Husbandry Group Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Zhonghao Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd., which was established in Yuhan Banner, Xinzhou Industrial Park. Slaughtering, meat processing, management, sales and transportation, the production capacity reaches 1 million processed sheep and 50,000 beef cattle. The introduction of this large-scale enterprise has realized the local sales and processing of cattle and sheep. Tianjin Zhonghao Group has once again invested 100 million yuan to build the Zhonghan Group's high-quality breeding sheep breeding farm in the Shuhan breed sheep farm. At present, there are 5,000 breeding sheep, and the project has reached 10,000 breeding sheep. These two large-scale enterprises introduced to the rapid development of the Aohanqi mutton and beef cattle industry have enabled Aohan Banner to form a perfect industrial chain system of “enterprise + leading + base”, realizing the funds, technology, brand and Aohan Banner resources. The organic combination has improved the quality of animal husbandry products from the source.
The pig industry introduced Inner Mongolia Jialedu Food Co., Ltd., which was invested by the Chaoyang Feed Research Institute of Liaoning Province and local merchants. The company settled in Changsheng Town, a large pig pig in Aohan Banner, and mainly engaged in deep processing of pig slaughtering. For feed processing and breeding, there are 3,648 square meters of steel structures such as slaughtering, processing and cold storage workshops. The production process adopts domestic advanced automatic production lines, and the design scale is 1000 slaughtering and processing pigs. Since it was put into production last year, it has driven neighboring farmers to build 6 pig breeding bases with a capacity of 10,000 per year, which will enable the live pigs in Changsheng Town to reach 300,000. After the project is put into production, the annual sales income will be 300 million yuan, and the profit and tax will be 10 million. Yuan, more than 200 local farmers were resettled. At the same time, a group of matching investment projects came into being. The company introduced a feed processing plant with an investment of 10 million yuan from Chifeng Longshou Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd., and invested 5 million yuan to build a 1600 basic breeding pigs. Changsheng's original breeding farm, Tianjin Agricultural College established a teaching experimental base in Changsheng Town, providing technical guidance for pig raising, and the per capita income of pigs in the town reached more than 1,700 yuan.
The laying hen industry has introduced the Aohanqi Yongfa Refrigeration Plant, which was invested by Liaoning Haicheng Xingfa Refrigeration Co., Ltd. with an investment of 20 million yuan. The annual laying down of laying hens is 10 million, achieving an output value of 160 million yuan and resettling 120 laborers. The average number of laying hens purchased by the factory is 1 yuan higher than the market price, and the annual profit of the whole egg hens is nearly 10 million yuan.
The pasture industry has introduced a 150,000-ton multi-fibrous feed project with an investment of US$3 million from the Korean merchant Lin Yizhe, which has enabled Yihanqi million mu of pasture to realize foreign exchange earning in addition to its own conversion. The annual output value is 50 million yuan. The per capita income will increase by more than 100 yuan. It is precisely because of the leading enterprises in industrialization that the level and efficiency of animal husbandry industrialization have been improved. Only leading enterprises have driven the per capita income of farmers and herdsmen of the whole banner to increase by more than 700 yuan.