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Several important considerations for eating white chicken

Several important considerations for eating white chicken

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2016/06/14 11:34
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Truth 1: The safety risk of Chai chicken may be greater.
Many people prefer Chaiji at the time of purchase. Zhu Yi, an associate professor at the College of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering at China Agricultural University, said that from the perspective of nutritional supplements, the nutritional difference between Chai chicken and broiler chickens is negligible. In terms of flavor and taste, Chaiji does have a better taste. However, from the perspective of food safety, because the chickens are kept for a long time, they cannot be traced. Once the control is not good, the safety risks are even greater.
Truth 2: Remove the chicken skin after cooking.
In order to reduce fat intake, many people go before cooking. The white-bar chicken nutrition expert analyzes that there is a film between the chicken skin and the chicken, which prevents the fat from overflowing while maintaining the moisture of the meat. Therefore, the chicken should be peeled after cooking.
Truth 3: The heart of the chicken is the safest.
In China, where food is admired, all parts of the chicken are cooked into a variety of delicacies. Yang Li, a professor at the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, pointed out that there are large safety hazards in many parts of chickens, and the amount of food should be reduced or even not eaten. First of all, the chicken skin has more fat and higher cholesterol, so it is best to eat less. Secondly, the chicken neck is a concentrated part of blood vessels and lymph glands. Occasionally, there is no problem in eating some sputum. It is best to remove the skin when eating. Again, harmful bacteria such as germs and viruses are hidden in the lymph of the chicken butt, so it is not recommended. Finally, the chicken clam is responsible for storing and grinding the food. The chicken liver is responsible for metabolism and detoxification of harmful substances, and the chicken kidney is related to the excretion of harmful substances.
Therefore, although chicken, chicken liver and chicken kidneys are nutritious, the number of meals and the amount consumed should be reduced. The heart has nothing to do with the metabolism of harmful substances, so the heart of the heart is safe and can be eaten in moderation.
Truth four: hen stew, cock fast fried.
When people choose chicken, they tend to pay more attention to the variety and freshness of the chicken. They are not very concerned about the male and female of the chicken. The nutrition experts of Shandong Landscape Group said that the cock and the hen are slightly different in eating. The hen is generally used for stewing. And the cock is suitable for quick frying. Because the hen's fat content is high, the umami substance in the meat is easily dissolved in the soup, and the stewed chicken soup tastes delicious. On the contrary, the cock's meat is firmer and it is difficult to get a thick soup. People who eat cocks prefer the delicate "chicken broiler", and then they have to stir up and keep it fresh and delicious.
In addition, cocks and hens also have different therapeutic effects. Chinese medicine believes that cocks are yang and have a strong warming effect. They are suitable for patients with yang deficiency and weakness; hens are yin, nourishing effects are mild and slow, suitable for women. Old and infirm are consumed.
Truth 5: Chicken soup is much less nutritious than chicken.
In the eyes of many people, the chicken soup is the most supplement, and the remaining chicken nutrition has been stewed into the soup. Nutrition experts from the Landscape Group pointed out that the chicken nutrition of stewed soup is much higher than that of chicken soup. The main nutrients that chicken provides us are protein, as well as minerals such as fat, vitamins and calcium. In the process of stewing chicken, a lot of umami substances will dissolve into the soup, so the chicken soup will become delicious, but only a small part of the nutrients such as protein, vitamins and calcium are dissolved in the soup. Data indicate that the protein content per 100 grams of chicken and chicken soup is 25.1 grams and 1.37 grams, respectively.
Truth 6: Perfect match with mushrooms and potatoes.
Chicken is a more versatile ingredient, but Dr. Yun, a professor of food engineering at Purdue University's Department of Agriculture and Biology, has no intention to point out that chicken is a perfect match with mushrooms and potatoes. This is because mushrooms are rich in guanylate (a fresh substance) and chicken is rich in inosinates, which release free sodium glutamate during slow stewing. The synergy of the three, the resulting "savory taste" is much greater than the sum of the "savory flavor" produced when they are used alone. Potatoes contain more glutamate, which is also enhanced with chicken.