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Sensory test of frozen white striped chicken

Sensory test of frozen white striped chicken

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2016/06/14 14:37
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Sensory examination method: the skin of the normal white strip chicken and the skin of the two inner parts are loose and can be pulled up by fingers; the eye part of the water-filled chicken is particularly full of muscles, the skin is not wrinkled, the fingers are difficult to pull up, and the finger of the water injection part The indentation can not be recovered, the muscles of the white-striped chicken are loose, the muscles of the touched muscles have a sliding feeling, the appearance of the muscles is pale, the normal muscle luster is lost, and sometimes the water-filled eye can be found in the legs and chest, and the legs are abducted. The chicken incision is everted, the water injection time is short, there is water in the chicken, the hand feels the meat is moist; the water injection time is long, the eye muscle fiber is blurred, and there is a reddish or pale yellow gum liquid exudation in the subcutaneous skin. Secondly, it is also possible to cut the suspected place with a knife, or to determine the water-filled chicken carcass. In addition, when the water is injected through the arterial tube, the surface of the chicken corpse is strong, and the micro-pigment is uniform, and the elasticity of the touch is poor, and the water is oozing out by hand. 2.1.2 Acupuncture method: use the No. 6 injection needle to puncture l~2 in the suspected part, and simultaneously compress the nearby skin. If there is liquid overflow in the pinhole or needle eye, it proves that the white chicken has been filled with water. Normal carcasses do not have this phenomenon.
Poaching method: take 3-5 g of subcutaneous fat suspected in the water injection part, add a proper amount of water into the beaker, and heat to boiling. After the fat was dissolved, it was cooled to normal temperature, and the state of the oil droplets on the water surface was observed. Normal chickens have uniform oil droplet sizes; water-filled chickens have different oil droplet sizes and are less.