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Rapid inspection of white striped chicken

Rapid inspection of white striped chicken

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2016/06/14 14:35
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An important reference for the bending of chicken feet in white strips
Generally, the slaughtered white chicken feet are straight and the chicken claws are curved. The main reasons are as follows:
Due to long course of disease, metabolic disorders, neuromuscular hypoxia, nerves that innervate extensor muscles are not excited, limb extensor muscles relax, contraction muscle contraction, chickens that die during this process, chicken feet are curved.
After long-distance transportation, the chicken died due to hunger and thirst, and the chicken claws were curved due to slow death, excitement of the extremities, and contraction of the contraction muscles.
The acutely slaughtered chicken is mostly sick chicken, physical exhaustion, nerve paralysis, due to acute slaughter and bloodletting, weak heartbeat, incomplete bloodletting, lack of excitement of the extensor muscles of the extremities, and the chicken claws exhibit different degrees of curvature due to individual differences after death.
Incorrect slaughter, because the incision is shallow, the chicken goes through the run, then stands aside, slowly loses blood, the nervous system is slowly paralyzed, lacks the rigidity process of the extensor muscle group caused by nerve reflex, and the chicken claw is moderately or slightly curved.
The significance of bending white chicken feet in quarantine
Fast speed: All sick chickens, cold-slaughtered chickens, and acutely slaughtered chickens, chicken feet are bent, can be quickly picked out for further testing.
High accuracy: not easy to disguise, all chickens, cold-slaughtered chickens, etc. are all bent, and the camouflage straight after death can not work. However, chicken claw bending is only a common symptom of sick chickens and dead chickens. It is not a specific symptom of a certain disease. It cannot be characterized. Other methods are needed to confirm the diagnosis.
2 water injection white strip chicken inspection method
Inspecting freshwater chickens in the farmer's market In the farmer's market, there are often some unscrupulous households who increase the weight of chicken meat, often through the white strip chicken breast muscle and two medial muscles, or by slaughtering live chickens in the arterial tube. Generally, water can be injected 0.5-1.5kg/piece. The main test methods are:
Sensory examination method: the skin of the normal white strip chicken and the skin of the two inner parts are loose and can be pulled up by fingers; the eye part of the water-filled chicken is particularly full of muscles, the skin is not wrinkled, the fingers are difficult to pull up, and the finger of the water injection part The indentation can not be recovered, the muscles of the white-striped chicken are loose, the muscles of the touched muscles have a sliding feeling, the appearance of the muscles is pale, the normal muscle luster is lost, and sometimes the water-filled eye can be found in the legs and chest, and the legs are abducted. The chicken incision is everted, the water injection time is short, there is water in the chicken, the hand feels the meat is moist; the water injection time is long, the eye muscle fiber is blurred, and there is a reddish or pale yellow gum liquid exudation in the subcutaneous skin. Secondly, it is also possible to cut the suspected place with a knife, or to determine the water-filled chicken carcass. In addition, when the water is injected through the arterial tube, the surface of the chicken corpse is strong, and the micro-pigment is uniform, and the elasticity of the touch is poor, and the water is oozing out by hand. 2.1.2 Acupuncture method: use the No. 6 injection needle to puncture l~2 in the suspected part, and simultaneously compress the nearby skin. If there is liquid overflow in the pinhole or needle eye, it proves that the white chicken has been filled with water. Normal carcasses do not have this phenomenon.
Poaching method: take 3-5 g of subcutaneous fat suspected in the water injection part, add a proper amount of water into the beaker, and heat to boiling. After the fat was dissolved, it was cooled to normal temperature, and the state of the oil droplets on the water surface was observed. Normal chickens have uniform oil droplet sizes; water-filled chickens have different oil droplet sizes and are less.
Inspection of frozen white chicken
The surface of the thawed body is fine, the pores are enlarged, the luster is strong, the color is yellowish or white (the arterial water is slightly pinkish), and the common femoral, thoracic and thoracic cervical vertebrae and the base of the two wings are raised, and the incision is partially cut at the incision. A large number of hail can be seen, and a large number of hail are also seen under the skin. When thawed, a large amount of light red liquid oozes out, the skin is light yellow or pale white, soft and inelastic, and the cut surface is wet. Muscle color is pale, soft and juicy, poor elasticity, and the muscle fibers are rough and unclear. After placing the white strip chicken on the wrapping paper for 10. 20 minutes, the area where the paper is wetted is more than 1 to 2 times the area occupied by the chicken body. 3 Identification of water-immersed dead chickens In the market test, it is often seen that some white-skinned white-striped chickens with full cleanliness seem to be normal in color and smell. In fact, it is a dead chicken that some unscrupulous households buy at low prices in chicken farms or individual chicken farmers (mostly dead with plague, few crushing deaths), and after the hair is removed, the dead skin of the dead chicken is removed by flooding. Acting as a good chicken for sale, deceiving customers for profit, and spreading diseases. The main points of identification are: watery immersion chicken oral mucus more odor; crown sputum red; eyeball subsidence, corneal opacity; tail tip, wing tip red, posterior vena cava filling purple. The red color of the whole body skin changes with the immersion time from purple to reddish, until yellow, close to the normal slaughter color.