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Chicken white strips of chicken skin fat is not healthy? 4 big mistakes in eating chicken every day

Chicken white strips of chicken skin fat is not healthy? 4 big mistakes in eating chicken every day

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2016/06/14 14:33
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"No wine is not a seat, no chicken is not a feast." Chicken is one of the most popular meats of many people. It is difficult for people to resist the temptation of chicken food such as white chicken, three yellow chicken, and suit chicken. Although chicken is the most common dish on the family table, in daily life, the following is for chicken. Some misunderstandings and arguments need to be corrected:
Misunderstanding 1 - In fact, chicken breast is healthier than chicken legs?
Chicken legs are often mistaken by many people for high fat content, which is not good for health. In fact, although the fat and calories contained in the suit chicken breast are lower than the chicken leg meat, the fat content of the chicken leg after peeling is similar to that of chicken breast, which is lower than other meat such as beef and mutton. In terms of nutritional value, the difference between chicken breast and chicken leg meat is actually not big. In addition, chicken legs are rich in iron and taste more delicious, so they are loved by many families.
Myth 2 - To reduce fat and calorie intake, peel off before cooking chicken?
Suit chicken skin contains a lot of fat, in order to reduce calorie intake, some people often remove the chicken skin before cooking. In fact, there is a film between the chicken skin and the chicken, which prevents the fat from overflowing while maintaining the moisture of the meat. Therefore, if necessary, the chicken should be peeled after cooking, which not only reduces fat intake, but also ensures the delicious taste of the chicken.
Misunderstanding 3 - Yellow-haired chicken contains more fat than light-haired chicken?
In fact, the feathers of different colors on suit chickens are caused by different varieties or different feeds. The color of the feathers of the chicken does not affect the nutritional value, taste, tenderness or fat content of the suit chicken.
Misunderstanding 4 - Blackening around the chicken bone indicates that the cooked chicken has deteriorated?
After cooking, the meat around the chicken bone often appears black, and many people mistakenly believe that the chicken and chicken in the suit are not fresh. In fact, because the bones of ordinary broilers are small and brittle, during cooking, iron may ooze out from the bones of the chickens, causing the meat around the bones to become black. This is not because the chicken is spoiled, but because it contains iron and can be eaten safely.