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The history of three yellow white chicken

The history of three yellow white chicken

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2016/06/14 14:31
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Sanhuang chicken, also known as yellow chicken, Weinan three yellow chicken, is a meat and egg type chicken. Ningdu is rich in Sanhuang chicken, the weight is generally two to a half to three pounds, the hen is smaller, the common people are more to raise chickens to make money for daily expenses, especially in the countryside. Ningdu Sanhuang Chicken has been breeding for more than 1,500 years since the Southern Tang Dynasty of the Five Dynasties and Ten Countries.
The inheritance of history led the main industry in Ningdu County: Sanhuang chicken farming. Because Ningdu is mainly based on mountains and hills, it provides a natural location advantage for local yellow chicken breeding, with sufficient green food, suitable yellow chicken growth environment, sufficient sunshine and water source, making the yellow chicken famous here. . The main growth environment requirements of Sanhuang Chicken: sufficient sunshine water source, a large activity base, Ningdu Sanhuang Chicken was awarded an internationally renowned brand.
Ningdu Sanhuang Chicken is resistant to disease, stress, adaptability, clustering and eating. The general corn, rice, wheat, rice bran, bran and green feed can be fed and adapted to free grazing.
Ningdu Sanhuang Chicken is small in size, thin in head and thin in feet, "Sanhuang" (yellow feather, scutellaria, scutellaria), "five red" (red crown, red scorpion, red face, red eye circle, red ear leaf) without feathers and Claw feathers, short feet. The cock is single-crowned, erect or tilted to one side, with 5 to 6 crown teeth. The crown is very bright red, the ears are light yellow, and the scorpion is short and wide, brownish yellow. The neck is short and short, the back is short and the body is relatively wide. Neck feathers, saddle feathers, golden feathers of the feathers, back feathers, deep yellow or red-yellow wings, pale yellow on the chest and belly, black flashes on the main tail feathers, some with yellow-brown edges, some with a small amount of black or Brown side.
In Ningdu County, yellow chicken farming has a natural advantage. Therefore, the yellow chickens here have higher nutritional value, and the protein and amino acid content have reached a reasonable scientific standard. Ningdu Yellow Chicken is fortified with rice wine and is rich in nutrients and nourishes good products.
In order to increase the diversification of products and promote the development of the group, Shandong Scenic Group, which produces 817 chickens, has improved the chickens on the basis of Sanhuang chicken seedlings, and developed a small meat chicken three yellow chickens with the characteristics of Shandong Landscape Group. The cycle is short, the feeding is convenient, the meat tastes delicious, and the nutritional value is high. Conforms to family cooking, stew, stir-fry, etc.