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How to do white strip chicken soup?

How to do white strip chicken soup?

2016/06/14 11:24
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The first pot of soup, that is, the stewed chicken soup, in addition to the main ingredients, should also add pepper, aniseed, pepper, cinnamon, sand kernel, beans, cloves, dried tangerine peel, grass fruit, cumin, Shannai, white blue, Cinnamon, fresh ginger, salt, sugar and other spices. It is best not to add onions, garlic, soy sauce, brown sugar and other spices to facilitate the preservation of the soup. The varieties of the above seasonings may not be indispensable according to the market conditions, but the commonly used seasonings should account for more than half. The amount of seasoning depends on the amount of the main ingredient, which is the same as the general stewed meat. The seasonings that are difficult to pick out should be wrapped in gauze. Cut the main ingredient into small, wash, put it into the pot, add seasoning, add water (slightly more than normal), cook the main ingredient, remove the meat, eat it, pick out the seasoning, and clean the broth It is the ancestor of the old soup. Place the soup in an enamel jar, ceramic or glass jar, let it cool and store in a refrigerator.
2、When the chicken, meat or pork ribs are stewed for the second time, take it out and put it in the pot. Add the main seasoning and add the above seasoning (half the amount), then add the appropriate amount of water (the amount of water depends on the amount of the old soup, but the total amount is slightly more than the normal amount. ). After stewing the main ingredient, you can leave the soup according to the previous method. Repeatedly, you can get the old soup. This old soup can be stewed or stewed. After repeated use, the meat is very delicious. The stewed chicken is meaty and the stew is chicken-flavored.
二、Method of making marinated vegetables Place the prepared (or preserved) braised soup in a large pot, then add some water, salt, onion, and ginger. 2. Raw materials (chicken) to be marinated should be boiled in boiling water first, remove the washed blood foam, put in the braised soup, boil on the fire, smash the foam, and switch to a small fire to cook (not sure that the halogen is too bad, otherwise it will not Good change), after the fire is turned off, marinate in the marinated soup for 6-8 hours (not long bubble, it will be meaty rot), remove and let cool. Apply sesame oil to avoid drying.
三、Preservation method: The amount of old soup stored in the family depends on the population. Each time you get 5001000 grams of old soup. When storing the old soup, be sure to remove the impurities in the soup (onion ginger, etc.), cool and put in the refrigerator. It is best to use a large enamel cup (glass or ceramic), do not use plastic, aluminum or stainless steel containers to ensure that the soup does not chemically react with the container. The container should be covered, and then put on a plastic bag outside, placed in the refrigerator, and will not deteriorate within 5 days. If you eat stewed chicken or stew once a week, you don't have to boil the old soup. If the old soup is not used for a long time, it can be stored in the freezer, otherwise it should be boiled and sterilized before continuing to save.