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Ten questions that must be seen by chicken raisers! - Xingfa White Strip Chicken

Ten questions that must be seen by chicken raisers! - Xingfa White Strip Chicken

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2016/06/14 14:28
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1, bronchial obstruction
Environmental problems, management can not keep up. The chicken house is dusty, ammonia pungent, the chicken density is high, the heat preservation and ventilation are contradictory, the free-range chicken house is simple, the thief wind is cold, the temperature of the chicken is cold, the temperature difference is large at night, the virus is invading, the body is fever, the upper respiratory tract infection, The dust in the chicken house is heavy, the ammonia weight makes the mycoplasma multiply, the E. coli follows, and the end result is airbag inflammation plus bronchial obstruction.
In fact, raising chicken is not a disaster, nor is it a problem that farmers can't prevent. It's all the details that cause the farm to be dark! The overwhelming technicians and the variety of drugs! The main problem in this line is anti-virus plus E. coli. Mycoplasma drugs, cough and phlegm phlegm and phlegm! The cockroaches are not so fascinating, and the small problems cause great disasters! The house is often cleaned, the temperature changes are controlled early, the immunity is improved, and the details determine success or failure! Do what we can do The thing that comes. In the winter, improve immunity, prevent prevention, reduce cold, you can reduce congestion! Protect the two mucous membranes, the respiratory tract and the intestines, are you working hard, have you done it? Do you know those things?
2, respiratory diseases
Respiratory disease We call it a comprehensive infection. First, our flock is in a sub-health state. Who can guarantee that your chicken's surface health is not hidden? The temperature drop, the neglect of the farmers, the management of the house should not be increased as dust ammonia, which brings a triggering factor to the occurrence of respiratory diseases. In order to control the respiratory diseases in winter, we recommend that Chinese herbal medicines often reduce the sub-health status. Mixing Bacillus subtilis in the feed can solve the ammonia problem well. Clean and disinfect the chicken house to ensure hygiene, ammonia, dust, The bacteria are not exceeding the standard. Reasonable control of the fan, to ensure that the temperature deviation is not too large. Don't just solve the problem with drugs. It is the most stupid way to hope for drugs. In the winter, the egg and chicken market are constantly rising. The friends who breed the three loess chickens, the chickens are not full and the tail is not tilted. In response to this situation, what we need is to give the body an insect repellent, adjust the feed plan, and promote The digestion and absorption of the feed, in order to make the chicken's coat intact. Do not blindly use drugs such as stimulating eggs in winter. Many chickens are poorly developed due to nutritional problems. Finally, the production is late and the egg rate is low. In response to this situation, we must investigate the problems of each production environment, the problem of the ratio of feed ingredients, the mildew of raw materials, the drinking equipment, the feeding equipment, the insulation work of the chicken house, etc. the reason. Rather than simply adding eggs and reducing inflammation. One of the households clearly has high moisture, low energy and falling eggs. There is also the problem of feed quality, mildew, you can only use the mold remover, can not solve the root cause is always a cure. It is not difficult to raise chickens, but blind operation is difficult. In a word, don't let our chickens always be in a sub-health state, don't let our chicken house suffocate the ammonia, the dust is one inch thick. The exhaust fan is constantly pumping regardless of the temperature drop high and low. Initiative: Keep away from the concept of aquaculture with poor health, poor hygiene and poor feed ingredients! Shandong Baiji Chicken Factory specializes in producing high quality white striped chicken.
3, winter troubles
Cooling down the laying hen, why your chicken is always onset, enter the egg hen house, the feces and broken eggs under the chicken cage are already moldy, the chicken house dust is 2 cm thick, and the spider web on the wall is not removed. The temperature control of the house is automatic, and the temperature drop is unknown. The feed was left unattended overnight and the waterline was unwashed. The basic problem is unmanned, how can it be called pheasant not sick. A few days, it is difficult to enter the sputum. In the winter, we should solve the environmental sanitation. After the dust, sprinkle with warm water to reduce the dust. The water curtain should be closed in winter. The exhaust fan should always observe it. Every month, the egg health antibody is indispensable, and the Chinese medicine is added to the chicken. Multi-dimensional cod liver oil strengthens the point and replenishes it in time, and inferior things should be used less. Too much ammonia plus Bacillus subtilis. Bacillus subtilis solves ammonia gas really effective. There are many problems in the management of chicken farming. The chicken houses are not broken and no one is repairing. In the evening, they encounter thieves and they will fight in the morning. The free-range chicken runs around, the parasites lick in the mouth, and the chickens are good. Once the intestines are dissected, there are many insects in the intestines. The free-range chickens are well-adjusted to ensure high quality, and the chickens are not protected from the cold, and the hair is found to be in the right direction. Don’t always take the medicine, it is the key. The high and low cost of raising chickens is not the high price of the feed formula of chickens. The chickens are safe to lay eggs and the eggs are not in the long meat. This kind of breeding has the highest benefit. Saving money is not a province, the key provinces are on the idea, the chickens eat well, the food is fine, and the production performance is high. For example, I went to a farm. In winter, there was a problem with the faucet of the waterline. The chicken's coat was completely wet, and 20,000 hens were housed. Once the temperature is lowered, the chicken's coat is wet, the egg is dropped by 10%, the medicine is used for 4 cents, the delay is delayed, and the medicine is recovered for at least one week. The account that the farmer understands, but no one counts with you. To buy good quality three yellow chickens to Shandong Yanggu Scenic Group Co., Ltd.
4. About Chinese medicine
Winter temperatures are lower, diseases are rampant, prevention is the mainstay, and many people propose Chinese medicine health care. The concept is good, the actual effect is not so magical, the Chinese medicine seems to be a hundred poisons, but have you chosen the Chinese medicine? Is it based on the growth and development characteristics of the chicken? Chinese medicine conditioning requires a process, environmental control is An indispensable part. With the best Chinese medicine, the chicken thief winds in the night, and the chicken is still closed in the morning. In the winter, the energy level of the feed is appropriately increased, and the traditional Chinese medicine is curbed. Probiotics continue to penetrate the hearts of the people, improve feed utilization, reduce intestinal problems, and reduce ammonia gas. The effect is excellent, but the content must be achieved and the activation speed is high. Because the poultry has short intestinal tract, low content and slow reproductive speed, the effect is poor. Probiotics need to be conditioned for a certain period of time. It needs to remove harmful bacteria from the microenvironment of the intestines and synthesize some nutrients such as water droplets. We must learn to calculate the economic account for raising chickens. It is recommended to withdraw from this industry. Risk and profit coexist, but we must be able to balance it! The egg rate of 30% of the eggs of a chicken and one dollar can be guaranteed. To be at 130 days of age. One hundred eggs (360 pieces) of caged hens, the feed cost of one day is 300 yuan, 70% of the egg rate can be guaranteed, as well as the capital of artificial water and electricity, the depreciation of chicken farms and so on. The chicken farm that won't manage money, I don't understand how to lose it in my life!
5, farmers can change the focus of attention no longer complain about how expensive poultry medicine, but also the problem of feed, always no problem
Who cares about the rate of laying of chickens (30%), your chickens are not, how much difference. How long it took to start from production to this point. Who cares about the digestion and absorption of their own chickens? The biggest part of our farming investment is feed, which is eaten every day. Are cage chickens concerned about the uniformity of the chicken, the rate of death, and the performance of laying eggs. In the autumn and winter season, when the temperature is high and low, who will give preventive health care in a timely manner, do the monthly deworming of the chickens do it? We always pay attention to how expensive the medicine is, but who cares why we have to give so many medicines, after giving the medicines to the chickens The health is even worse, and we are more at risk. Who cares about the warming of brooding, the nutritional mix of chicken feed. We always look at the cost of the chicken configuration feed above, but who saw how many eggs our chickens had every day, and how much of the chicken's feed was not digested. The egg is less blindly used to increase the egg's product. The chicken body is inherently poor. The egg is added to the chicken and the egg is taken. It is all over! Friends are not making money, how to make details, don't always look down. Look.
6, correct the point of view to let the breeding chickens from burning money to earning money
The age of laying chickens can be controlled at 130 days of age. The egg production rate can be controlled at around 50%. If the diet is changed from corn bean meal to wheat paddy plus sweet potato, the age of the chicken is 180 days old, the egg production rate is estimated to be 10%, and the death rate of the chicken is not less than 10%. One day from heaven to hell. The market is so good, but unfortunately we have no chance, why is it because we are not scientifically cultivated. Chicken disease continues, drug feeding is constant, a coccidial treatment takes half a month, and the respiratory tract always lasts for a lifetime. You said that your chicken is still useful. In fact, the respiratory tract of the chicken is not cancer. We have no problem in scientific prevention, improper operation, drug abuse, and disease. So the age of the founding is not seen, the 200-day-old chickens vary in size and development, and there are not many eggs. It’s too late to repent, and come back in the next period, the funds are broken, and they are on the wrong side.
7. What to pay attention to during the hot season
Breeding in high temperature seasons pay attention to the low intake of high-temperature chickens to reach the standard, and it is easy to cool the chickens at night. What should we pay attention to at high temperatures? First of all, we can add ice cubes to the exposed water tanks and do not let the drinking water into boiling water. In the drinking water, we should add heat-reducing such as borneol mint VCVE to prevent high temperature. After the laying of the laying hens Four series of drinking water must pay attention to reduce water temperature or it is easy to immune failure. The problem of low feed intake of chickens is to combine the cooling of the house and strengthen the nutritional level of the feed. Otherwise, we are consuming the chicken's physique, affecting the later egg production performance. The broiler is now coming to an end, and there are many problems with exposure. The eyes are swollen, hair loss, weight is not up to standard, the size is not uniform, the production is delayed, the egg rate is not high, and a series of problems appear. Don't over-emphasize and solve the problems in the chicken farm before you can raise chickens. Frozen three feet is not a cold day, raising chicken is a systematic project, and it needs the cooperation of each link, otherwise it is difficult to raise chickens to produce high efficiency.
Tips: In summer, there are many cases of "typhoid fever and coccidial mixed feeling". The similarities in the incidence of these cases are due to the high temperature, sudden rain and cooling, the limited heat preservation of the chicken house and the lack of timely management of the farmers, resulting in the cold of the chickens and the spread of wet coccidia on the ground. The disease usually occurs in chicks from 15 days to 40 days. Treatment focus: anti-virus to improve immunity plus Salmonella + coccidia, severe bleeding with VK3. There must be a prevention focus in this period, especially the chickens. Because the chicken houses are basically far away from the village, in the depths of the orchard, there are more mosquitoes, so the chicken pox is easy to be high, so the chicken pox vaccine is vaccinated in time. Healthy farming is to ensure that the chicken itself does not have any disease. We take certain measures on vaccine immunity, feed nutrition and management. For example, adding lactic acid bacteria to the feed to improve the body's anti-stress ability can also reduce the intestinal diseases of chickens. Save on feed costs. But probiotics can't send charcoal in the snow, and the chickens are unhealthy, which makes it worse, and these things are taken scientifically.
8, three loess chicken eyes
This problem is mainly due to the poor environment, high density, and the colonization of chickens, resulting in heavy ammonia and dust. There are many pathogens caused by swollen eyes, mycoplasma E. coli and chicken pox, but the analysis in the laboratory is mainly E. coli. Another problem is the mane of the chicken. This is mainly caused by refueling and changing formula, and the chicken's intestine is unhealthy. There are also many reasons for the unhealthy intestinal tract of the chicken, mold, water quality, quality of feed ingredients and so on. In view of these situations, it is mainly necessary to solve environmental problems first, and then find the causes of diseases, feed ingredients, etc., and solve them in a targeted manner.
9, reserve chicken
How to cultivate high-quality reserve chickens? Benefits of laying hens = egg production per chicken * egg price. In order to maximize the benefits, the market price cannot be grasped, and only the maximum production potential of the chicken can be excavated. There are two very important criteria for laying hens, but it is also a ring. Maximum weight at 5 weeks of age, how the overall uniformity of the 16-week chicken (chicken weight compliance) meets these criteria, and the brooding and brooding systems must be scientifically sound. I talked about it from 5 weeks and 16 weeks. It’s because I think everyone is more clear.
At 5 weeks of age, the weight is the largest, and the chicken can only eat so much feed per day to ensure maximum weight. Here I would like to put forward a point of view, "Chicken can only have the best feed conversion in a comfortable environment and the health of the body." Summer season, high temperature is intolerable. The young chicks are afraid of cold in the early stage and are afraid of heat in the later stage. I think the primary problem with chicken farming is infrastructure – a key factor in the success of a chicken. In order to facilitate the heating, some of the farms have reduced space - cage brooding. I don’t think the height is too high for cage brooding. It is convenient for the observation of the flock and feeding water, and then the problem of cleaning the chicken manure. In summer, the air is overflowing, the ammonia is pungent, and the dust is heavy. There may be heating that may not be important this season, but ventilation has always been a core issue. There are many farms that do not have heating equipment, and the exhaust fan does not. Why do you know that you need to warm up in winter? Why don’t you know what equipment to cool down in summer? When brooding, the density of chicken feeding is inherently large. The environment is relatively poor to a certain extent. The fermentation rate of high temperature chicken manure is accelerated, the indoor temperature is high, and the dust is large. People can't stand the chicken can endure it. Disinfection work, this life is simple, but it is a bit difficult to stick to it. Some farms have several batches of continuous brooding. The first few batches are fine, and the latter problem is coming. For the disinfection work, it is generally cleaned with a high-pressure water gun, and then fumigated with formaldehyde and potassium permanganate. After a few days of opening the window, the iodine preparation can be sprayed once to enter the seedling. Some precautions for brooding have special instructions. Here I just want to add that we always see how much medicine we use. Why don't we see how much feed we use, and the feed price is still rising. The principal of the investment is not small. Why is it that the chicken is not raised? The key point is that our focus is not right. We only pay attention to the use of drugs. We have to change our minds to see the feed above and see how to make our three yellow chickens healthier and better than others.
The uniformity of the chicken for 16 weeks, which is related to the speed of the increase in the egg production rate after the chicken is opened. At the end of the 42-day brooding, the feed stage of the broiler chicken was changed. The success of the brooding: the uniformity of the chicks was the same, the body weight was similar to the standard body weight, and there was no respiratory or intestinal disease. In the middle chicken stage, the shelf is pulled, and the nutrient concentration of the feed is gradually reduced. But I am here to say, to reduce the nutrient concentration of the feed, but not to use inferior raw materials - moldy and deteriorating, and can not add cotton aphid and rapeseed in any amount. As long as this stage is properly managed, pay attention to the high temperature and temperature drop, the dust is big, and the exhaust fan is turned on. At night, the wind has closed the window and basically there is no big problem. However, many farmers in the process of patrolling in the first line did not have chickens in the fan curtain culture. The dust is large, and the number of times the water line of the chicken house is cleaned is small, so that the chicken has respiratory diseases and E. coli, which is always repeated, and the use of drugs is ineffective. Summer high-temperature farmers prefer to use multi-dimensional cod liver oil, especially inferior, because many parts of it are some things like glucose, which causes the waterline bacteria to breed, the cleaning is not timely, and the chicken's intestinal diseases are rampant. As long as the management is properly done, the hardware equipment of the chicken house is in place, and basically our young chickens can still raise the standard.
Finally, I would like to share with you some small precautions: 42 days ago, because of the white strip chicken, the vaccination of the suit chicken chicks was frequent, we can increase the anti-stress drugs and give the chickens some Chinese medicine. The immune effect of the chicken is best only if the chicken is the healthiest. Chicken raising is also a way of keeping the intestines, ensuring that the gut health of the white-striped chickens allows the nutrients to be digested and absorbed to the greatest extent. If we can save 1% of the feed, then we will save much. Therefore, in the process of raising chickens, we have to see how much our feed is invested, but we don’t want to save every ton of feed for chickens. Instead, we can save the cost of feed by satisfying the normal growth needs of chickens, and it is not arbitrarily adding inferior raw materials. But you can add enzymes and other things that help digestion and absorption.