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Selection of breeder white strips

Selection of breeder white strips

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2017/05/18 14:13
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Selection of breeder white strips
1. In order to enable consumers to eat the meat, they will carefully select healthy and fat pheasants for the public.
2, consumers can also go to the factory to pick pheasants.
3. The selected pheasant will be subject to strict inspection. After confirming that there is no flaw, it will be handled within half an hour before shipment. Vacuum packaging and ice cubes will be used to keep fresh, and will be delivered to consumers by air or freight. The white pheasants that reach the hands of consumers are fresh pheasants.
The content of calcium, phosphorus and iron in pheasant chicken is much higher than normal, and it is rich in protein and amino acid. It is a good dietary supplement for people with anemia and weak constitution. Pheasant meat also has the effect of strengthening the spleen and nourishing the stomach, increasing appetite and stopping diarrhea. The pheasant has a special role in tonifying the brain, can cure cough and prevent Alzheimer's disease, and is a valuable product in game.
Suitable for the crowd
suitable for majority of the people.
1. It is suitable for people who suffer from spleen and stomach qi deficiency, weak after illness, loss of appetite, and frequent urination.
2. People with acne should avoid pheasant meat outside of autumn and winter; those who suffer from acne are fasting pheasant.
Therapeutic effect
Pheasant chicken tastes sweet, sour, warm, into the heart, stomach; has the effect of Buzhongyiqi, Jianpizhixie; suitable for spleen and stomach qi deficiency, sickness after illness, loss of appetite, frequent urination . In the ancient medical book "Food and Medicine Heart Mirror", the pheasant chicken stew was used to treat the frequency of thirst, tongue focus, dry mouth and urination. The disease is probably referred to as diabetes.