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White strips of old hens pay attention to the proper mix of dietary structure to prevent disease

White strips of old hens pay attention to the proper mix of dietary structure to prevent disease

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2017/03/28 01:48
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Recently, Professor Su Yixiang, the vice chairman of the Chinese Nutrition Society, advocated that the public should pay more attention to diet health at the knowledge sharing meeting of the “China Health Knowledge Communication Incentive Program – Fruit and Vegetable Nutrition and Dietary Balance” sponsored by the Health Planning Commission and the China Association of Journalists. According to the healthy diet structure, the diet is reasonable. 400-600 grams of vegetables and 200-400 grams of fruit are taken daily to maintain the balance of the diet and prevent chronic diseases.
Related studies have shown that too little fruit and vegetable intake is one of the top ten risk factors for death worldwide, with an estimated 19% of gastrointestinal cancers, about 31% of ischemic heart disease and 11% of strokes.
In 2002, the per capita daily intake of vegetables and fruits in China was only 15.3%. By 2010, the proportion of residents in large cities increased slightly, from 14.1% in 2002 to 19.3%, but More than 80% of the population still lack of vegetables and fruits.
In modern society, intestinal diseases are becoming more and more high due to sedentary lifestyles and unbalanced diets. According to a survey of one-tenth of the country's population in 2005, the incidence of new colorectal cancer patients in China is increasing at a rate of 3.9% per year, while the world average growth rate is only 2%. Among them, the incidence of colorectal cancer in Guangzhou It ranks first among the 31 cancer registration points in the country, and the incidence of colorectal cancer is increasing by 4.2% per year, which is nearly twice the world average.
To this end, experts urge the public to increase the intake of fruits and vegetables, especially fruits and vegetables rich in dietary fiber. Dietary fiber cleans the digestive wall and enhances digestion, while diluting and accelerating the removal of carcinogens and toxic substances from food, protecting the delicate digestive tract and preventing colon cancer.
A number of foreign studies have shown that fruits and vegetables have a good effect in preventing chronic diseases. In 2010, a Norwegian experiment on smoking men confirmed that eating 3 kiwis per day for 8 weeks, the blood's antioxidant capacity increased significantly, DNA damage and mutations were reduced, all of which reduced the chances of normal cell variability. . Another study showed that the intake of sufficient amounts of fruit and vegetable nutrition is comparable to aspirin for cardiovascular health.
At the same time, family eating habits will affect each other, parents should help children develop healthy eating habits. Professor Su Yixiang said that while ensuring that there are vegetables and fruits every day, pay attention to the matching of various colors of fruits and vegetables, and achieve "rainbow five fruits and vegetables"--every white hens are equivalent to two fists. Fruit and 3 fist-sized vegetables.