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The public responded to the love of the soup "Lao Guang" or like to use the white hen

The public responded to the love of the soup "Lao Guang" or like to use the white hen

Industry news
2017/03/15 01:45
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There are many chicken stall vendors who are unfamiliar with the "White Striped Old Hen" and the public. The reporter randomly interviewed more than 20 citizens in the market. Most of the citizens were ignorant of the "raw chicken" and did not like to eat "raw chicken."
“Miss Lin, who likes soup, feels that the soup made with “raw chicken” is not fresh enough. “Guangdong people like to drink soup. Of course, soups must use fresh chicken. Otherwise, there is a taste. Frozen chicken is definitely not welcome. ", the taste is definitely a lot worse than the freshly slaughtered chicken.
She told reporters that she has a lot of experience in selecting fresh chickens. I can see chicken feathers to distinguish chickens. If you look at corns, you know if chickens are healthy, but these experiences cannot be used to pick 'raw chickens.' After hair removal, in addition to black-bone chickens, they are placed on the table. Chickens are almost the same. It is difficult to judge whether the chickens are fed or stocked, and they are afraid to buy them." Chen said.
In the interview, some young people said that they can accept fresh chicken. "From picking chickens, slaughtering chickens to taking chickens, it takes at least 20 minutes. While raw chickens are concentrated and slaughtered, they can be bought and sold, but it is more convenient. But now young people I prefer online shopping. Nowadays, good livestock can be purchased online, and it is very convenient. 'Fresh chicken' may eventually lose the favor of young consumers and it is difficult to promote."
Representative suggestion
Standardized centralized slaughter
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Municipal People's Congress representative Chen Hansong is concerned about the poultry wholesale market and the regulation of centralized slaughtering. It is recommended that Zhuhai establish a multi-functional live poultry slaughter reserve center.
According to him, since most of the poultry wholesale market was built in the 1990s, some markets are still temporarily built sheds, the layout is unreasonable, and the hardware facilities are backward, which brings social problems such as environmental sanitation and food safety.
"During the prevention and control of avian flu, the shutdown of the city to clean up and disinfection has brought a lot of inconvenience to the wholesale market. At the same time, the injection of the barn in the market has accumulated over time, it is difficult to remove, resulting in a large amount of odor. Treatment, seriously affecting the internal environmental sanitation of the market Chen Hansong said.
Chen Hansong suggested that Zhuhai should standardize the live poultry market according to the actual situation in the region, establish a multi-functional live poultry slaughter and reserve center to achieve centralized slaughtering, build a dry storage area for dry birds and waterfowl, and reclassify the poultry areas. At the same time, the designated live poultry automated slaughtering system and chilling equipment will be built within the effective distance of food safety and epidemic prevention.
“The lowest, Zhuhai can take measures to prevent slaughtering live poultry in the farmer's market in the central city, and the wholesalers in the farmer's market must stipulate that the retailers within the farmer's market must purchase goods from the live poultry slaughter and reserve center of the city or the legal slaughter centers in China. Develop traceable poultry products to ensure food safety."