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White strip old hen sea promotes "raw chicken" in May

White strip old hen sea promotes "raw chicken" in May

Industry news
2017/03/12 01:44
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White strip old hen Zhuhai "raw chicken" time to market! The reporter learned from the Zhuhai Food and Drug Administration on the 4th that according to the plan, the "raw chicken" system of "concentration slaughtering, cold chain distribution, and fresh market listing" was officially launched on June 1 this year. It will be implemented in May. At present, Zhuhai is investigating and inspecting the situation of live poultry operations in the city, and formulating relevant measures for the restriction range of live poultry and slaughtering sites.
During the "two sessions", Chen Hansong, the deputy of the Municipal People's Congress, called for attention to the regulation of poultry wholesale markets and centralized slaughtering, and suggested that Zhuhai set up a multi-functional live poultry slaughter reserve center.
New Deal will be ▶▶ "Fresh chicken" and live birds are expected to "coexist" for about half a year
It is understood that due to the impact of avian flu, in May last year, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Foshan all launched the "raw chicken" pilot, Zhuhai also began to brew and research related implementation measures. However, with the reform of the departmental institutions in Zhuhai, the responsibility for poultry circulation supervision was transferred to the Food and Drug Administration. The specific implementation plan for “raw chicken” was also changed from the original Municipal Marine Agriculture and Water Affairs Bureau to the Zhuhai Municipal Food Safety Office. Leading, the program is still in the research and testing stage.
The "Procedures for the Management of Poultry in Guangdong Province" stipulates that all levels of the Pearl River Delta should establish a system for restricting live poultry operations in listed urban areas and other densely populated prefecture-level cities and towns, which will force Zhuhai to speed up the formulation of relevant regulations.
According to Zhou Xiaodong, deputy director and spokesperson of the Municipal Food and Drug Administration, according to the plan, “Fresh Chicken” was officially launched on June 1 this year. If all goes well, the fastest time during the “May 1st” period, the public can "Fresh chicken" was purchased on the market.
"After the official implementation, there will be a transition period of 'raw chicken' coexisting with live poultry, and then it will gradually limit and cancel the live poultry trade in the whole city. The transition time may be about half a year, but the discussion is still undetermined." Zhou Xiaodong said.
Expected difficulties ▶▶ Eating habits or "frozen chicken" is difficult to implement
The reporter learned that the reason why the program has not been introduced has a great relationship with the eating habits of the Chinese people slaughtering live poultry. This is also one of the difficulties in the promotion of "raw chicken" in the future. “Residents are currently lacking in the ability to accept raw chickens. After the hasty introduction, they are worried about the active live chickens and the lack of knowledge of 'raw chickens.' If the problem of residents’ acceptance cannot be solved, good institutions may also be bad. The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Marine Agriculture and Water Affairs Bureau said in an interview with the reporter.
It is reported that in order to promote the "raw chicken", Zhuhai industrial and commercial law enforcement officers have posted administrative tips in the major markets of the city to publicize the system of "prohibiting the sale of live poultry outside designated areas" to traders and convenience chickens. Restock and sell live birds.
However, the reporter visited the farmer's market in the densely populated Gongbei area yesterday. It was found that there were almost no products like “raw chicken”, and more were semi-processed products such as frozen chicken wings, chicken legs and chicken breasts. The sellers of sellers of poultry still have limited or even unfamiliar knowledge about “raw chicken”.
In the Gongbei Lian'an Road market, Fang Wei, a seller of poultry, told reporters that some people sold frozen chickens similar to "raw chicken" before the market. The final sales were not good for other frozen products. "These 'frozen chickens' are young. People who buy it with greed will be bought, and frozen chicken will be sold out, which is generally not fresh."
A poultry stall owner in the Gongbei market told reporters that if it is really necessary to sell live poultry, it will switch to another sale. "Guangzhou sells 'raw chicken' and loses money. It should be the same in Zhuhai."
“Because of the eating habits of slaughtering live birds in southern China, the poultry varieties in the market are mainly sold mainly by high-quality chickens (such as Qingyuan Chicken, Sanhuang Chicken, Jute Chicken, etc.). These high-quality chickens have basically lost their originality after being processed through cold chain. The delicious and delicious, which seriously affects sales, so I personally feel that the sales model of chilled cold chain is difficult to implement," said Chen Hansong, a representative of the Municipal People's Congress.