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Which part of the white strip chicken is the most inedible

Which part of the white strip chicken is the most inedible

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2016/08/12 01:42
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White striped chicken has the reputation of “king of food”.
However, modern industrial chicken raises some problems, so some parts of the chicken will contain heavy metals, toxic substances, and more germs. They cannot be eaten for health.
Although there are many people around you who don't pay attention to eating a lot of these things and they are not ill, it is because these toxins are not large and will not leave problems, but the toxins will accumulate in the human body, and if they accumulate more, they will get sick.
Lymph is the detoxification system in animals. Toxins and hormones in feeds may remain in some parts, such as thymus and bursa.
Some internal organs of white striped chickens have toxic substances, but the amount will vary depending on the farming conditions. The alveoli of the chicken can contain various bacteria in the chicken body. After the chicken is slaughtered, the bacteria still remain in the lungs, especially the thermophilic bacteria, which cannot be completely killed even if heated. The food may pose a threat to human health; Dirty (胗) is responsible for storing and grinding food, so harmful substances may remain here; harmful substances in chicken are mostly concentrated in liver metabolism and detoxification; kidney is related to excretion of harmful substances; and heart is not related to harmful substance metabolism. Therefore, although chicken, chicken liver and chicken kidneys are of high nutritional value and delicious, for their own health, the number of meals and the amount of food should be reduced. For the heart of the chicken, it is safer and can be eaten in moderation.
Chicken skin, although delicious, is not good for your health. Generally speaking, the chicken skin has more fat and higher cholesterol.
And the content of pollutants in the chicken skin is higher. Especially for roast chicken, after roasting, the cholesterol in the chicken skin is oxidized to form a cholesterol oxidation product, which causes great harm to the human body. If the temperature is not properly controlled, there may be carcinogens. Therefore, it is best to remove the chicken skin when eating chicken, not to use chicken skin to cook.
Also known as "chicken buttocks", "chicken buttocks", refers to the part of the upper end of the chicken buttocks, the meat is fat and tender. This part is where the lymphatic glands are concentrated. Because the macrophages in the lymph glands can swallow germs and viruses, and even carcinogens, they cannot be decomposed, so the toxins will settle in the gluteal tip. Over time, the tip of the chicken becomes a large warehouse for storing viruses and germs.