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Haicheng Xingfa Freeze - Aohan Banner Awards, Investment Promotion, Outstanding Personnel

Haicheng Xingfa Freeze - Aohan Banner Awards, Investment Promotion, Outstanding Personnel

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2016/07/21 01:41
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At the recently held Aohan Banner Investment Promotion Mobilization Meeting, the flag committee and the flag government made a big prize for the outstanding contributions of the 2006 full-flag investment promotion. Yang Wengang and Yu Zhizhong respectively received a bonus of 50,000 yuan. Tian Weidong, Tian Guo, Wang Guosheng and Xie Jianli respectively received a bonus of 30,000 yuan, and Wu Yu and Zou Cunliang respectively received a bonus of 20,000 yuan.
In 2006, the Shuhan Banner Committee and the Flag Government took the investment promotion work as the top priority and achieved remarkable results. A total of 110 projects were introduced in the whole banner, with an investment of 3.1 billion yuan, of which 2 billion yuan was in place. The development of the industrial economy has effectively boosted the growth of fiscal revenue. The fiscal revenue of the whole banner exceeded the 200 million yuan mark for the first time, reaching 2.4488 billion yuan, an increase of 43%. In the work of attracting investment, the leading cadres took the lead in attracting investment, the small team attracted investment, the business investment, and the whole people participated together, forming a good situation in which the whole banner was linked up and down. Yang Wengang is a native of Shenyang. He not only put his own company in Shuhan, but also introduced three molybdenum trioxide projects for Shuhan, with a total investment of 87 million yuan. Yu Zhizhong is a Chaoyang person. He established Baxter Titanium Co., Ltd. in Shuhan, and introduced Liaoning Huatai Company into Shuhan, investing 50 million yuan to build a sponge titanium enterprise with an annual output of 2,000 tons. Tian Weidong and Tian Guo are ordinary farmers. The two are the buying and selling brokers of fresh eggs and laying hens. They introduced Liaoning Haicheng Xingfa Refrigeration Co., Ltd. into Shuhan, and invested 15 million yuan in Shuhan to establish annual slaughtering and processing. The 10 million chickens have been put into production. Wu Yu and Zou Cunliang are both village cadres, and they have introduced castings and pig slaughtering projects in the work of attracting investment.