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How to buy white birds? How to see which kind of fresh

How to buy white birds? How to see which kind of fresh

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2016/06/14 13:58
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Six to see the purchase of white poultry
A look at the knife edge: If it is a live chicken and duck slaughtered, because of the struggle, the knife edge will not be flat, and the blood infiltration due to the heart beat. If the knife edge is a smooth curve, and there is no blood infiltration of chicken or duck meat, it means that the chicken and duck will be replenished after the death of the chicken.
Second, look at the eye: full of eyeballs, bright eyes, this is an important symbol of fresh chicken and duck, fresh chicken and duck eyes are also fully open or semi-open. If the chicken and duck meat have been left for a long time or have deteriorated, the eyes of the white-striped chicken and duck will sag. If it is a sick chicken or duck, the eyes are very cloudy.
Three look at chicken feet and duck plaque: fresh white chicken feet are not bent, while duck plaque is elastic, can quickly bounce back with finger pressure, the surface is full and shiny. The scales on the surface of the non-fresh chicken feet look black and dull. The long-term duck plaque is dry and inelastic. After pressing with your fingers, it is difficult to restore the original shape.
Look at the chicken skin and duck skin: the meat broiler that is generally eaten is white, grayish white and a little pale pink. The chicken that is not fresh is yellowed in skin, and it is sticky to the touch and the wrinkles of the chicken skin. The fat on the duck is light yellow. If it is not fresh, the yellow color of the duck fat will become lighter and the meat will be sticky.
Five look at the chicken butt and duck ass: the fresh white strip chicken and duck butt looks very clean, if it is sick, the chicken and duck butt is a bit green.
Six look at the certificate: the best and most effective way to identify white-striped chickens and ducks is to check whether there is an animal quarantine certificate issued by the inspection department or marked with a quarantine certificate.
A smell: You can smell the smell of chicken and duck in addition to its own smell, pungent smell.