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If you want to eat chicken, choose "white chicken"

If you want to eat chicken, choose "white chicken"

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2016/06/14 13:58
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Who are the susceptible people of avian flu? How to prevent it?
Wu Wenjuan, chief physician of the Department of Infectious Diseases, Wuhan Medical Treatment Center, said that H7N9 is a respiratory infection caused by the H7N9 virus. In general, all people are susceptible to the H7N9 virus, but those engaged in farming, sorting, transportation, sale, slaughter and sickness, and dead poultry treatment are at high risk.
Experts suggest that since the H7N9 virus is avian-derived virus, in addition to personal hygiene, the public should also minimize unnecessary contact with poultry, especially with sick and dead poultry.
Finally, it is best for the public to buy chickens to buy "white chicken". The poultry meat is cooked and then eaten. When eating eggs, be sure to wash the eggshell with detergent and cook thoroughly.