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Spicy chicken white strip practice

Spicy chicken white strip practice

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2016/06/14 13:53
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Spicy chicken
Ingredients: chicken, dried Sichuan red pepper, cooking wine, miso, soy sauce, salad oil, pepper, salt
Manufacturing method:
1. Cut the whole chicken into small diced.
2, sprinkle with soy sauce on the chicken, sprinkle with salt and MSG, adjust the taste, soak in the cooking wine for about 30 minutes.
3. Heat the salad oil and fry the chicken.
4, then put in the dry red pepper, pepper, stir fry, and scent.
5. Bring the fried chicken and dried red peppers out.
1. Pepper and pepper can be added according to your own taste, but in order to reflect the characteristics of this dish, the best finished product is that the pepper can cover all the chicken, instead of the chicken in the chicken. Chili and peppercorns.
2. The fried chicken should be salted in the chicken. It must be sprinkled. If the chicken is fried, the salt will not enter the chicken. Because the shell of the chicken has been dried, the texture is relatively tight, and the salt can only adhere to it. The surface of the chicken affects the taste.
3. The oil used for fried chicken must be very hot. Otherwise, the chicken will not dry for a long time. Even if it waits for a long time to dry, it is really dry, a group of dead meat, very It's hard to eat, there is no taste at all. So the fire must be big, the fragile outside, and the inside is relatively tender.